In Comedy, Timing is Everything

The other night I was sitting with Mom watching Monty Python. Normally she doesn't mind, but this was one of the more surreal episodes and she wasn't really in the humor. So we started having a discussion about changing the channel. The central debate being whether what we were watching was comedy or just silly. (You can probably guess which side I was on πŸ˜‰ )

So there I was trying to argue for the sophistication of Python when they came back from the ads straight to The Colonel.

It has come to my attention that this show is getting far too silly![/url]
:eyes: You couldn't make this stuff up. πŸ˜†

Not the exact scene, but the closest I can find on YouTube.


22 thoughts on “In Comedy, Timing is Everything

  1. I wonder if tonight's Hotel has Spam Egg Spam Sausage Chips and Spam on the menu tonight

  2. Angeliki, thanks for that. :)I hope I haven't given Karen too much. It's an existing animated gif that's a little to big for My Opera (60×60 instead of 50×50) and when it's automatically resized after uploading the animation stops working. I've no idea how someone would go about fixing it. :confused:

  3. sorry,I am sure at the end will be a solution,i am in the stubborn group myself that never quits,I am sure Karen will be able to do it she is very gifted…

  4. No, I wasn't explaining the problem well enough. I can be pretty stubborn with problems too, but I just have no clue when it comes to graphics. I'm a hardware/code geek. I'm very grateful to Karen for her offer to help. I just hope she's not regretting it. :worried:

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