We've got a new tub. …

A whole new bathroom really. Fixtures, tiles, lights, and soon, paint.

It started out as a leaking toilet. Which became a new toilet, which turned into a new bathroom suite, which meant new tiles, which ultimately lead to renovating the whole thing.

If only the plumber would come back and finish the installation. πŸ™„ He's supposed to be coming first thing in the morning, though it's not the first time he's said that. :irked:

I shouldn't complain. The landlord is very good to be doing all this, and it's not like we don't have an en-suite that we can use in the meantime, but we've been messed about by a series of plumbers now and it's getting beyond a joke. Here's hoping I'll be able to christen that new tub over the weekend.


18 thoughts on “Rub-a-dub-dub

  1. Congrats – there's nothing as good as a well-functioning bathroom.And it occurs to me that the problem with workers not coming when they've promised to do so is maybe an international problem. It happens to me often!

  2. Hello Allan, long time no see. πŸ™‚ Yes, well I'd settle for one that was just functioning. :wait:It's so annoying isn't it. The landlord must be at his wits end. There's been at least four different plumbers on this job. The latest was supposed to have been here last Friday to finish the job, we spent the whole day waiting for him to arrive.

  3. :no: dilation of the eyes can be by many things! πŸ˜† forget it ,you know what I mean :p

  4. That really annoys me – some contractor saying he'll be there between 8am and 3pm. That's bad enough – but if he on top of it all doesn't show up at all.ARRGH!

  5. Good news. The plumber arrived as promised and is working as I type. Everything should be done today. :hat:I guess it will have to be, the landlord drove him up here so he can't leave until it's finished. :devil::lol:

  6. We were never without hot water, thank goodness, or heat even though the radiator in the bathroom was disconnected.Though it wasn't until several days after the work was finished I found out that the plumber had forgotten to turn a circulating pump back on which meant the heating wasn't operating as it should.

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