A Little 3 String Trance Boogie

I was watching the BBC the other night. First they showed a documentary about Seasick Steve. Unfortunately I missed the start. :down:

But I did catch all of him performing at the Reading Festival. :yes: The highlight being when he closed out the set with Dog House Boogie.

Phone users click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNoPNC3ebYQ


21 thoughts on “A Little 3 String Trance Boogie

  1. Ok, it's not to everyone's taste. Music, it seems, can be very subjective. Some people like Ronan Keating :confused::lol:

  2. Saw him for the first time on Jools Holland last year and he was just stunning,there was also a documentary on BBC 4 about him and the guy really is a star,bet he would have got nowhere on X factor

  3. …bet he would have got nowhere on X factor

    I would consider that a major plus. πŸ˜†

  4. Anonymous writes:He's brilliant, bringing blues back while appealing to my generation (16-25) making him a genius.Great perfomance at Reading, met him afterwards and got a picture with him!!

  5. reminds me The Presidents of the United States of America

    Ballew and Dederer/McKeag play a basitar and guitbass, which are regular, six-string guitars with special modifications: Ballew's instrument has two bass strings (with which he plays bass parts), and Dederer/McKeag's instrument has three guitar strings (used to play guitar parts).

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