Christmas Telly

Not much to do, seeing as we're stranded by the state of the weather and the roads. So we've been watching the Christmas telly. The usual Christmas specials and movies are on, though with slight differences because it's Ireland not Canada. I miss Charlie Brown and A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim as Scrooge. :down:

On the plus side we do get Dr. Who and this charming bit of animation.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

I'd watch it ASAP, I suspect it won't be up on YouTube for long :left: :right:

UPDATE: Yep, the videos have been taken down, so you'll have to find The Gruffalo somewhere else.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Telly

  1. Gruffalo was brilliant and tonight its James May with a 10mile model railway followed by a Top Gear special so thats sorted

  2. And TG was amazing and hilarious as well,would have been even funnier had Jezza plunged to a fiery end from the Road Of Death

  3. Top Gear! Great show. I think Jennifer Saunders is still the number one female celebrity on the speed chart!

  4. Shame, but I suppose it was inevitable. What channel was Christmas Carol on? I just assumed that it wasn't being shown. I know what you mean about Sky, almost 1000 channels and I say we only watch about a dozen or so.

  5. I see The Gruffalo's down all ready…Oh well. We did get A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sim as Scrooge, but no Charlie Brown either this year.Actually, there's been a load of old rubbish on, and whenever something good is on there's something good on at least one of the other channels at the same time….and somebody out there thinks I should subscribe to Sky as well. I'd settle for fewer channels with better programming.:D

  6. Christmas Carol was on Channel 5 the Sunday before Christmas, so I guess it doesn't really qualify as a Christmas movie. I came across it by accident when the other channels were being a bit boring (Again). I don't normally watch Five on account of I can't stand the station ID at the top of the screen and the programme advertising cartoons at the bottom. It's like there's nowhere you can look to watch the programme itself.

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