Holiday Photos

At the end of my last post I mentioned that I'd put up some photos taken over the holidays. I didn't include any because I'd gone on too long so here they are now.

In Ireland it's traditional to place wreaths on the grave of loved ones at Christmas time. Our tradition includes the grave of an old family friend. On Christmas day after mass we make an outing of driving to the little cemetery out in the country. Part of the tradition involves getting lost trying to get there, but this year, through an educated guess, I managed to program the sat-nav to take us to the cross-roads right below the graveyard. It was a good thing, since I was more concentrating on the roads which while not that bad were still slippery in spots.

We got there and back without much drama, only one real "woah" moment. Then we had Christmas dinner and later the brother and sister called us on Skype. That was special as we got to see each other opening our Christmas parcels. I got a belated birthday present which was really worth the wait.

And Mam got some new dishcloths. Before you go thinking that a lousy present, let me explain. She found these special cloths in Vancouver when we were there for the wedding. They're made of wood fibre and surprisingly absorbent. Soon Mam was using nothing else and after a year and a half her cloth was beginning to show a bit of wear.

Between Christmas and New Year's was quiet, the roads were so bad we didn't go anywhere beyond the village. The Steven's Day walk was cancelled, it's supposed to be re-scheduled but we've not heard anything, and we missed a couple family events because it just wasn't worth travelling.

So New Year's Eve was spent at home. I tired to get some photos of the lunar eclipse but I don't have enough control over my cameras setting to get the results that Words does 😦

On New Year's Day we decided to brave the ice and go for a walk up the fields behind our house. This is the first time wee'd been exploring up this way so it was a bit exciting. Picking our way through the ice was also exciting, for different reasons.

Once we managed that though the path was dry and at the top of the hill we got an amazing view down the valley towards the village.

We spent some time looking around, picking out various landmarks. I tried to get arty taking pictures of the frost.

Not sure how successful I was.

Looking around some more we think we spotted Mt. Leinster off in the distance topped with snow.

The cold was starting to get to us so we headed back down. On our way we saw where something had been digging in the hedges. Any wildlife people have an idea what it could be?


8 thoughts on “Holiday Photos

  1. Wow, that was quick, I only just put this up. :eyes:Mam just didn't want to let that cloth go, she thought she'd never get another one. πŸ™‚

  2. My favorite is the green frosted grass :up:But the second one really distorts among the others :whistle:

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