Get the Led out

Inspired by San

But NO Stairway to Heaven

Hope you enjoy. πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Get the Led out

  1. I take it you listened to Led Zeppelin a lot. :)And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for not posting Stairway to Heaven.

  2. I listened some. My brother had a box set and that's how I got into them. I suppose I should have posted just one, but I kept finding songs I liked on YouTube. πŸ˜‰

  3. Greatest band in the history of the world and in my youth I was fortunate enough to frequent the same local hostelry as Mr John Bonham RIP,oh and my auntie was a freind of Planty's mom but she never got me any free tickets

  4. And I thought you were talking about Light emitting diodes in an attempt to reduce our impact on the environment. Sanshan…don't say I never think of you…special for you… :whistle:

  5. OH YEAH! Pie – Competition. Who won?! I also want an independent audit of the results….

  6. Finally got a little time to get here! My absolute favorite all time Led Z. song is "Gallows Pole", which is a cover of a 17th century English folk song. As for "Stairway…", there's an American late 60's sit-com, "Gilligan's Island". (y'all can look it up with your big boxes- check out the theme song.) If you play the music from Gilligan, and sing the lyrics from Stairway,there's an uncanny similarity between the two. πŸ˜€ Opera and youtube aren't on speaking terms in my phone so I copied the Rolf links. I'll look at them later. :yes:

  7. There was a bug with Opera / Youtube that was giving everyone grief, but it has been fixed. You might have to download the latest sitepatch javascript. Try checking for updates in Opera. It may look like it's don nothing, but this will force a download of the latest version of the file. (Opera automatically checks for and downloads the latest version once a week)

  8. Still not fixed in Opera Mobile 10.00, Micky. 😦 I could resort to Skyfire or BOLT… but I'd feel like I'm cheating, you know.

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