Where does it lie in relation to need or want? …

Or love? Or even lurrrrrveeee?

hungry has been singing the praises of IT. Of course I was interested since he first mentioned he might be getting one. But Google shows no signs of bringing IT to Ireland.

Now Google has done a deal with Vodafone in England which suggests IT might soon be here. :up: However, living in the back of beyond as I do there's only one provider that can get a signal. And it's not Vodafone :down:

So, what to do? There is the iPhone, but the more I read about Android the more I'm convinced it's the only way to go. And if the software is Android, then the hardware must be HTC.

But which model? The Legend looks nice, but a smaller screen than IT would never do. Which brings us to the object of my desire.

Looks awfully like IT under the skin (not a bad thing) and reviews are all positive.


Can I afford it? More accurately, can I afford the monthly contract?

More importantly, do I need it? I have a perfectly serviceable phone for calls and texts, a diary for appointments, a laptop for everything else. Until I figure out the answer I'll have to be patient.

It's a virtue, you know. ๐Ÿ˜‰


19 thoughts on “Desire

  1. It's boooteeful! I think you should get the Desire…of course, the desire has an optical tracking system, not a track ball which means…. NOT MULTICOLOUR DISCO-BALL!Actually – you should write an app to convert the track ball into a disco ball that pulses in colours with music! I bet you'd make a killing!!

  2. Originally posted by hungryghost:

    you should write an app to convert the track ball into a disco ball that pulses in colours with music

    It's a good idea. And it might cover the cost of the desire.

  3. Originally posted by ellinidata:

    I agree with Issy Go for it!

    issy :confused: Oh the spirit is willing, but the finances are weak.

  4. @ Mickey…Buyer's remorse fades quickly with time. @ Sanshan…Desire leads to suffering like Wedding Rings lead to SuffeRINGs.So since life in general is so miserable and filled with suffering, why not put some desire in your life and enjoy, just like I enjoy the occasional Kitkat…:whistle:

  5. Well, I can afford a Kitkat so that causes little suffering, except if I eat too many then I suffer because I have to buy new clothes.

  6. OOOOH…if you buy kit-kat with a serial number on the packaging…do send it to me! I'll split the dough with you!!!!!

  7. Would it help if I said I can vouch for Wikipedia's accuracy in this case?On the other hand it happens with almost every purchase I make, even a KitKat. Well, I won't be doing anything until I've used up the credit on my current phone.

  8. That's just software, it should be possible to upgrade an existing phone. I'm sure IT will anyway.

  9. I'm not into IT but I'm visiting the Apple website regularly to look at the new Macbook pro. My Macbook is getting old and it has suffered from all the trips(trackpad less accurate, body and screen scratched, etc.) and the impossibility to upgrade my OS to the 10.6 version…But it is expensive and I wait for some kind of sale. I just hope that my actual Macbook won't let me down before that :angel: Patience, patience, patience

  10. Are we talking about hungry's IT, or IT in general Louis? I went to the phone shop today and got information on how much it would cost me. About what I expected, but still not great to hear it spelled out. Still loads of credit to get through before I have to decide. Patience…

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