Sing a Song

The Grey Cup is tomorrow. With the Als playing the Riders.

Tradition demands a bet between myself and Louis. It also demands a forfeit for the loser. So what song should Louis have to sing when the Riders win?

Green is the Colour

Rider Pride

On Roughriders

(Embedding disabled by request :down: )

Paint the Whole World Green

Poll is to the right. ====>

Let's Go Riders!!! Let's' Go!!!


11 thoughts on “Sing a Song

  1. I think Green is the Colour would be the easiest for Louis to sing. He could even translate it to French….hehe

  2. Mais cher Louis, si, si[/i] les riders gagnent, je pense que tu dois chanter la chanson, "D'etre vert, c'est pas facile".

  3. Originally posted by sanshan:

    Yes, that would suit his voice.

    Oh yes, that's exactly what I say when I want to compliment someone's voice: "You sound so much like Kermit the Frog!! :yes: " πŸ™„

  4. It's not that, it's just that the song is in your range and it scans like a French song. πŸ™„

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