Grey Cup Riders v Als

Louis is feeling confident. But I think I have him worried.

Or maybe it's the hat.

Still about an hour and a half to the game, kick-off is at 18.00 ET. You can figure out the local time here. I'll probably end up being awake 'til after 2. :zzz:

And if you can't watch the game on telly it's bing streamed online here.

Be sure to come back and join our Grey Cup party. Louis and I are going to share hosting based on the toss.

Let's Go Riders!!! Let's' Go!!!


93 thoughts on “Grey Cup Riders v Als

  1. It was a good game. It's just hard to get into it when your team isn't in it. Night everyone.

  2. Good game no matter what San said.It could have gone both ways :cheers:Now Dalexia is sad for you :rolleyes:I'm a little bit sad too but I can't wait to hear you sing :whistle::cheers: MickeyHave a good night sleep 🙂

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