Some Videos

I seem to be collecting YouTube videos lately, with plans towards posting them :whistle: , so know it's time to finally deal with them.

An Irish radio station played this song earlier in the week and it caused a national sensation.

They interviewed the artist on Wednesday, you can listen to that here.

The economic downturn has hit another sector, galactic bounty hunters.

If ever you needed a reason to visit Legoland, this is it.

I read an interesting interview with Steve McQueen's stunt double, talking mainly about Bullit.

So it's a perfect excuse to post the car chase scene. 😀

Here's one for all the Angry Birds fans on the OC. You know who you are.

And finally, something old school with a modern twist.

I'm sure you remember the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote? A friend told me about a new(ish) cartoon starring the pair.

It was up on Vimeo, but has been removed. :down:

:sst: Though you can still download it (for now :left: :right: ) here.

Happy viewing.


10 thoughts on “Some Videos

  1. Oh yes, Rio – a spin off from the madagasar series I think. I'll just ask little one about it…

  2. Received a new version (1.5.1) of Angry Birds today. It mentions watching the Super Bowl ad for Rio to get a clue for unlocking a secret level.

  3. I am like the Curling game. Tried angry birds and the sounds make me laugh so much, can't take it seriously 😆

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