A New Sensation

It feels rather nice. …

An early Christmas present, since my contract was up and I was due an upgrade.

Desiree has gone to the recycling centre to subsidize this new purchase a better place.

A short review:

It's a great phone and I'm very happy with it. πŸ˜€

A slightly longer review:

It is a great phone. It looks very classy and is comfortable in my hand. It's powerful, has loads of memory and storage. Display quality is perfect. It takes good pictures. Call quality is fine.

Some people don't think much of the custom UIs that manufacturers like HTC install over Android. I actually like Sense and I think version 3.0, which comes on the Sensation XE, has some nice features.

My only criticism, which is a common one of all smartphones it seems, is battery life. Even though the Sensation has a larger battery than my Desire I can't get more than a days use. In fact I get slightly less than my old phone. That is the worst I have to say.

The only thing left is to choose a name. I'm thinking Yvonne. Figure out why and win a (metaphorical) prize.


18 thoughts on “A New Sensation

  1. Do we have to have the same conversation here too?And Yvonne eh…hmmmm… I shall have to google it!

  2. Originally posted by hungryghost:

    Do we have to have the same conversation here too?

    I have no idea what you're talking about :whistle:And you're close to the answer hungry, but not quite there.

  3. Sorry hungry, Sprogger beat you to it.Congratulations Sprogger, Yvonne Mills Baker is the right answer.You win… a sense of accomplishment. πŸ˜‰

  4. All different features on your phone are probably a reason your battery lasts shorter. Try to turn off things like blue tooth, wireless, etc. because they tend to check the connection in short periods of time. Maybe some other software too.Nice present :yes:

  5. Thanks for the tips Darko, I use an app called Juice Defender which does that automatically. I've also increased the interval between checks for all my other apps.

  6. Congrats on your new phone! :)I'm having an awful week for phones. On Thursday, I dropped my cell phone and my house key while on an 8am walk with Khamsin, pre-9am class. I meant to be outside for about twenty minutes. It turned into nearly six hours of freezing cold madness :faint:

  7. Originally posted by hungryghost:

    Ah me…always the bridesmaid and never the bride! πŸ˜₯

    You can borrow my dress if you like :whistle:

  8. Ohhh… in that case, I'll pass. It's pretty dreary and gray in here right now with all the rain and cloud…

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