Merry Christmas

Finally have a bit of time for what seems to becoming the annual Christmas blog post. …

It's not looking particularly Christmassy. After two very hard winters we're looking at one of the mildest Christmases on record. Plus there seem to be very few houses decorated with outside lights this year.

But ours has been.

And we have our tree inside.

I've also been looking for some different Christmas music to share with people. The traditional tunes are lovely, but you get tired of them before long.

The Liberty Bell they're singing about is in The Liberties in Dublin.

You can listen to the whole Youtube playlist here.

Off to "midnight" mass shortly so I'll just wish you all

Happy Christmas
a Peaceful New Year

Nollaig Shonasach
Athbhliain Shuaimhneach


8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Thanks everyone. :)I hope you had a good holiday. Mine was lots of fun if a bit hectic.

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