Xmas Concert

Our little village had its second annual Christmas concert over the weekend. Though there’s a lot of work, and more than a little stress, it’s all worth it in the end. And it’s really wonderful how everyone will pitch in.

Besides helping wherever I can I performed with the local drama group. I was in two comedy sketches this year which both went down very well. Not to boast, but I received several compliments. 😳

We also had the school children doing various pieces – a nativity play, songs, skits – dancers from the area schools – both modern and Irish – local musicians. The drama group also put on a one-act play.Β  So a full evening of entertainment.

With luck we should all be recovered in time for next year. πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “Xmas Concert

  1. Nothing fancy, but that’s part of the charm. And when everyone knows everyone it adds to the fun.

    The kids were a great example. The first year there was a bit of a problem getting them interested. Then the ones who didn’t take part either saw the show or heard about it from all their friends. This year they nearly had too many.

      • Ok then I take it that it’s just me that takes pics when someone needs my help and/or I’m plastered and the pics are just to remember what happened.
        Still..a picture speaks a thousand words… πŸ˜›

  2. These compliments… Were they from the people who stole that radioactive material in Mexico? I ask because you appear to be glowing…

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